Free1 Year Antivirus (licenced)

We will provide you one year of licenced antivirus with our used laptop or desktops worth $35 on Over $100 repair.

1 YearWarranty

We will provide you 1 year warranty on our used computer as you get with new computers.

FreeMS Office (Full)

As well we will provide you full licenced Microsoft offices worth $90 dollors.

Laptop Screen Repair  Services

We provide all kind of laptop repair service in Calgary and area. We replace laptop screens as well. Laptop is one of the key part of today’s life that is why we need to take care of it very well! To secure your laptop from any problem everyone need to make some caution so it will work fine for long time. One of the best ways to make sure your laptop away from hazards is to keep it dust free, clean your laptop with a duster (you can buy it from any electronic store for around $10) and always clean your fan first because most of the time dust gathers around to your laptop fan and don’t send the air flow to processor and other hardware devices. We always send our customers to the right path so they can also learn how to manage their laptop from small problems. Repairing laptop is a big headache but we are here to help you with all the solutions. Laptop repair is very similar to doing the oil change in your car or whole body test for human body. Also, when you plug your laptop with charger for long times your battery will give you less result and soon it has no power to carry on the burden of your laptop, to make sure your battery works fine please charge your battery on full and then remove the charger. It will help your battery to prevent it die quickly. If you have any concerns about your computer or laptop please feel free to contact us at any time though our website.Give us a Call today!