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Please Conatch us for a Quotation

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Computer Setup

Reinstall Windows ($80)

Basic Setup ($50)

Full Monty ($100) *Save $30!

Repairs & Installations

Backup (on DVD) and Data Transfers ($30 ea.)

Minor Replacements ($30 ea.)

Major Replacements ($60 ea.)

Computer Cleaning

Tune Up & Tweaks ($30 ea.)

Simple Cleaning ($40 ea.)

Expert Cleaning ($60 ea.)

Virus/Spyware Removal ($80 ea.)

We mainly focused on quality and time of our work. If your computer is very slow or it has viruses or any other problem not even we only solve your problem, we try to make it works like a new computer. We understand the needs of the customer when he or she enter to our office with expectations to provide them the best and honest service they are looking from us. Customer’s privacy is another key part of our work, to save customers valuable data and securely transfer it to their device with privacy is very important part of our working environment. This is our duty is to tell customer what’s happen to their computer device and explain the reason why they need to fix their computer. We guaranteed our work for 90 days from the computer is repaired, if same software or hardware problem happened again, any other problem need to be quote again. We are professionals with our work, and our working hours are from 8am to 7pm. We fix almost all kind of computers like: HP, ASUS, DELL, ACER, LENOVO, MACBOOK, CHROMEBOOK, TOSIBHA etc. We also buy used computers. Give us a Call today!

The technology is growing all over the world and laptops are the major development of technology. Everyone needs laptop or other devices to keep in touch with the pace everything works these days. Everyone wants the comfort which they can get all the news, articles and social media updates always sitting close to them. So, that is when laptops become our favorite part of our life. But if it’s slow and has virus in it you need somebody to make it run like a new laptop. OBD computers always there to help you get the best result. For computer, laptop or PC help contact us @ www.obdcomputertech.com or